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Essential Software for Small Businesses

Nobody said that running a small business would be easy, but the difficulty can catch many off guard. On top of managing staff, payroll, stock and premises, you’ve now got the added pressures of maintaining and competing in an increasingly tough online marketplace. Thankfully, with the increased complications of SME businesses in 2017 has come […]

Three Ways to Schedule Your Staff

  Running or managing a business with an of full-time and part-time staff is, more often than not, about coordinating and scheduling your employees. It’s a thankless task and one which can eat up a great many hours in the working week as you deal individually with each member of staff regarding their hours and […]

Its All About Event Ticket Booking Software!

All About Event Ticket Booking Software As its name implies, an event ticket booking software is what it says it is. This software facilitates booking event tickets through the internet. Although it may seem simple, it is the multiple features available that can be challenging to master. Event ticket booking software, like that of BookingLive, […]

Essential Cloud-Based Tech Trends for SMEs in 2015

In a world where technology is constantly changing it’s surprising to discover tech trends for SMEs haven’t changed that much over the past year. Having said that, major trends have become more influential, determined and accessible, especially in relation to SMEs. A key contender is automation, with mobile, cloud and software all falling under the […]

SMEs are Losing Millions of Pounds Due to No Shows

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), SMEs make up nearly 50% of private sector employment and more than 99% of UK businesses. Around 1.1 million appointment-based UK businesses are spending a third of each week on admin tasks, such as managing appointments and answering telephone calls. Research shows up to 5 minutes are […]