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Three Ways to Schedule Your Staff

  Running or managing a business with an of full-time and part-time staff is, more often than not, about coordinating and scheduling your employees. It’s a thankless task and one which can eat up a great many hours in the working week as you deal individually with each member of staff regarding their hours and […]

Allow Your Customers to Book Multiple Activities in One Go

Activity Club Booking System BookingLive software’s latest online booking system feature is great for a range of businesses. However this is especially useful for activity centres. With BookingLive it has always been possible to set-up multiple products. From a trampoline session to a meeting room, but now it is possible to set up multiple products and […]

New Online Payment Features

Pricing Schemes BookingLive users are able to set-up Product Pricing in the form of concession rates, adult/child pricing etc, but with the new Pricing Schemes will allow users to create far more sophisticated and complex pricing structures. Previously, pricing levels were based solely on the participant type i.e. a concession would get a cheaper rate […]

Seasonal Bookings Management

How to Utilise Seasonal Bookings Management Seasonal Bookings are here! Booking Live software is perfect for seasonal businesses as it comes loaded with a whole host of great automation tools. Running a seasonal business has never been so easy! Switch Products On and Off Rather than having to delete and recreate products at different times […]

Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Location Manager

Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Location Manager It is now possible to manage multiple locations and products (which can be anything from swimming lessons to climbing courses), which don’t have set events (i.e. scheduled dates and times). Our booking system location manager is perfect for businesses who have customers coming at going at non-set times. A […]

Booking Software Reports

BookingLive Software Reports The latest version of BookingLive, V3, comes with lots of new and improved features. One of the most highly anticipated updates is the new booking software reporting tools which we have included in V3. These have been broken down in to four key booking software reports: attendees reports, orders reports, payments reports […]

Improving Your Customers’ Booking Software Journey

Improving Your Customers’ Booking Software Journey Our latest V3 update comes in the form of a booking software journey revamp. As the customer journey your customers experience is as important to us as the experience you have, we are continually investing in the front-end of BookingLive software. That is why we are currently rolling out […]

Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Products

Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Products As part of our continued improvement, we have recently introduced a nifty little Online Booking Software feature which we have named Required Resource Products. This booking software feature provides you with the ability to set up requirements within the booking journey. Your customers must meet these requirements through the purchase of […]

Run your International Business with BookingLive’s Multiple Language and Currency Options

Over the past few months we’ve noticed an increase in BookingLive clients who’re looking for multi-lingual Online Booking System interfaces. It’s apparent to us that the need for internationally operative businesses is on the rise, which is why we’re prepared. Not only do we offer clients the choice of over 10 multi-lingual features, but we also […]