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BookingLive. The smart way to book online

Mango Studio is pleased to announce the launch of its new online booking system.

BookingLive is a web-based online booking system that lets you manage activities, bookings and your business in one powerful system. Used within your website or for internal management of your business, BookingLive is accessible remotely and securely all the time.

It’s now easier than ever to control the management and the website content with our fast, flexible and powerful Content Management System, which allows you make the most of your bookings, scheduling and reservations. The online booking system will seamlessly integrate with multidisciplinary companies such as activity centres and accommodation businesses.

The online booking system works with a variety of third-party applications to provide quick address postcode lookups, photo commerce, SMS services, flight bookings, e-pos, memberships, e-mail campaigns and more.

Over 1 million people have already made an online booking using BookingLive, helping organisations to creates customers, not just visitors.

Request a demo to understand why BookingLive is the most comprehensive system available for activity centres and outdoor adventure organisations.

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