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Online Booking Systems For The Public Sector

Everybody knows government offices and businesses that cater to the public sector in general adhere to strict regulations and budgets. So it is understandable that online booking systems for the public sector is not a priority among department heads. But we at BookingLive want to change this view. Online booking software can tremendously improve the […]

The Rise Of EPOS and Why You Need It!

EPOS Booking Systems The rise of EPOS Booking Systems, (also known as Electronic Point Of Sale Systems), is used in various business operations. This system offers a wide range of benefits on top of its major role in eCommerce. EPOS Booking Systems covers several business aspects, including storage of relevant customer data and sales computations. Booking systems […]

Its All About Event Ticket Booking Software!

All About Event Ticket Booking Software As its name implies, an event ticket booking software is what it says it is. This software facilitates booking event tickets through the internet. Although it may seem simple, it is the multiple features available that can be challenging to master. Event ticket booking software, like that of BookingLive, […]

Why Activity Businesses Need Online Booking Software in 2016

Why Activity Businesses Need Online Booking Software in 2016 With external desktop software swiftly dying out, and the rapid introduction of a new breed of solid cloud based utilities. With external desktop software swiftly dying out, and an introduction of a new solid cloud based utility. It’s no wonder why activities or sports business are taking […]

Allow Your Customers to Book Multiple Activities in One Go

Activity Club Booking System BookingLive software’s latest online booking system feature is great for a range of businesses. However this is especially useful for activity centres. With BookingLive it has always been possible to set-up multiple products. From a trampoline session to a meeting room, but now it is possible to set up multiple products and […]

Vote for BookingLive Software!

Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year Vote for BookingLive Software! Here at BookingLive Software, we have worked with over 200 enterprise clients. A large proportion of those clients are based in the public sector, from divisions such as local councils to the NHS. Due to our expertise within the public sector, this year we […]

New Online Payment Features

Pricing Schemes BookingLive users are able to set-up Product Pricing in the form of concession rates, adult/child pricing etc, but with the new Pricing Schemes will allow users to create far more sophisticated and complex pricing structures. Previously, pricing levels were based solely on the participant type i.e. a concession would get a cheaper rate […]

Seasonal Bookings Management

How to Utilise Seasonal Bookings Management Seasonal Bookings are here! Booking Live software is perfect for seasonal businesses as it comes loaded with a whole host of great automation tools. Running a seasonal business has never been so easy! Switch Products On and Off Rather than having to delete and recreate products at different times […]

Public Sector Booking Systems and Website Use

Public Sector Booking Systems and Website Use Ben Proctor, Managing Director at The Likeaword Consultancy has examined data from over 400 councils within the UK. Ben set out to find out more about website usage within the public sector and came across some interesting findings. For starters, 43% of public sector website visitors were from mobile […]