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5 Ways to Improve Branding with Online Booking

5 ways in which BookingLive online booking system can brand your business effectively.

1) Have a creative and original website design

When looking for a service online, the viewer’s first impression of a business will be its homepage. If your website if boring or dated, viewers will have little initial incentive to carry on clicking through your pages, and go back to their original search engine exploration.

An attractive, professional looking homepage instantly entices the viewer, even webpage colours can create feelings of excitement or trust for a business, for example the colour blue is always a popular corporate colour, it puts people at ease and is reminiscent of the sky and ocean.


Ensure perfect website navigation

Nothing is more infuriating than being directed to irrelevant pages when you are ready to book and pay for a service, or when you click on a link that has to appeared  to have died. Test your links, pages, tags, and navigation thoroughly to avoid user frustration, and ultimately clicking off your site.

Scrutinise your website content

Check the text and pictures of all your website content for grammar, wording, spelling and tone. Ensuring the tone of your website especially is key to the sort of brand that you want to put across to customers. Whether it’s professional or friendly, setting the right tone is an immediate indicator or your service, and the way in which your business operates.

Back up with evidence

Showing user experiences and feedback on your website is essential in the experience andleisure industries. Not only does it shine a positive light on your business and staff, but it proves its experience and capabilities. Customer testimonials can be published on anything from widgets to Facebook posts, to TripAdvisor reviews, all can be used as evidence to brand your business successfully, and give it the wanted impression.

5) Keep Your Tech Fresh

By installing the most up-to-date software onto your website, your customers are in the easiest position to purchase from your website. A powerful online booking system first of all gives the impression of an organised and successful company, and is also the most convenient option for website users. Other applications such as online payments and availability checkers also give a professional, modern impression of your brand, and can strongly rival your competitors.

BookingLive can bring all of these elements together on your website; first of all, installing our bespoke online booking system brings your website up to date in instant bookings and reservations. Secondly, we can also offer web and logo design to renovate the look and navigation of your website, to give a premium and reliable brand image. We can also install links, social media widgets, and customer testimonial pages to exhibit customer experiences and reinforce your brand.

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