35 Advantages of a booking system with Booking Live

If you are still doubtful and you don’t know whether an online booking system is suitable for your activity centre business, here you can find some answers that will help you to make your decision easier.

1. Designed for activity based & outdoor adventure centre specifically
2. Allows you to reduce overheads
3. User-friendly and easy to use
4. Client convenience: 24/7 availability
5. Capture full or part payments (deposits) in advance
6. Allow your customers to make bookings online
7. Real-time ecommerce, sales and ticketing
8. Improve your business data integrity
9. BookingLive is a fully managed solution
10. Available for multi-site / multi-location centres
11. Sell packages and group bookings for increased revenue
12. Take bookings for activities, courses and accommodation
13. Track progress with measureable results
14. Improve business administration and communication
15. Engage with your customers
16. Full control and flexibility over staff management
17. No more double bookings
18. No hardware required – only an internet connection
19. Ability to sell extras at the same time as bookings
20. Ability for emarketing and to reach a wider audience
21. Automated customer feedback, ratings and reviews
22. Cancel bookings through email & SMS
23. Record all attendance history
24. Report tools on finance, membership, bookings etc.
25. On-line bookings from 3rd party agents (Buy a Gift, Groupon & more)
26. Flexible pricing plans for gift agent bookings
27. Voucher sales and redemption system
28. Setup promo codes and special offers
29. On-line credit card processing
30. Cut down on phone support time
31. Email marketing is included
32. Reminders and Confirmations via SMS
33. Setup multiple currencies and languages
34. Enable permissions to restrict user access
35. Calendar view for booking, list views for courses

Find out how BookingLive can help you launch an online booking system today.