2011 has been a record breaking year for BookingLive in terms of new sign-ups for the web based online booking software. Compared to 2010, BookingLive have seen an increase in sign-ups of over 300%.

“We are delighted with this year's results.” says Vinnie Morgan, MD. The increase is the result of building our reputation and producing high quality booking systems which deliver to business needs. Activity Centre Software has very specific needs. For example, weather dependent SMS notifications,medical requirements and resource allocation for staff and equipment. There are many generic booking systems within the market, but our expertise is in the outdoor activity market. Our understanding and passion for this segment makes us the preferred choice for booking systems in the market.

More and more activity centres are adopting online booking systems due to their ability to streamline a business - saving time on the phone, administration and staff resources. Whilst providing customers with an online booking options which is rapidly becoming the preferred method for making reservations. It can transform a business and maximise booking sales.

BookingLive is a modular platform constantly being developed, which allows us to provide new and exciting updates to our existing clients. They can even make requests for specific development on our product roadmap. For example, we have developed an accommodation module, so we can now work with activity centres who have accommodation to offer, we are also working on a photo-commerce module which allows customers to purchase images of themselves enjoying their activity. This will help our clients maximise their sales and revenue - something that is always on BookingLive's agenda!

BookingLive expects to see more and more activity centres signing up for the powerful booking system to reap the rewards our existing clients are enjoying. For example, Sphere Mania and National Water Sports Centre are just some of our clients.

For help with your online booking solutions, please get in touch! Tel: 0117 933 8632