Activity Centre Booking Systems: Will 2013 be a better year?

Outdoor Activity Centres in the UK had a horrendous 2012 which meant the volume of orders through their booking system was extremely low. The UK weather kept customers indoors and most activity centres failed to have a contingency plan or a booking system to help their off season sales, rebooking’s etc. At BookingLive our activity booking system is built with activity centres in mind. Here are some examples:

    • Customer rebooking’s

    • Ability to sell vouchers

    • Ability to redeem vouchers including third parties such as groupon

    • Ability to integrate with social media including Facebook

    • Ability to sell photos online

    • Ability to integrate with email marketing tools


What is the outlook for 2013?

Our activity centre booking system helps to increase and sustain the sales all through the season. We provide an integrated activity booking system that will take care of the varying requirements of different customers and we have come up with a flexible and modular based platform to improve the service levels with the utmost efficiency. We are determined to make the performance of activity booking centres extremely efficient in the year 2013 and our powerful online booking and reservation system has been designed to serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

Our website highlights which consist of end user features and administrator features have won great appreciation from a number of people and our content management system is completely customer friendly and easy to understand. You do not have to be an expert in order to become familiar with our system. Our clients will never have to worry about installation of any nature. All related data about the website and bookings will be stored within our online booking system which features secure servers where clients will be able to verify statistics and change features about their websites from anywhere in the world. Our activity centre booking system can be accessed via internet without purchasing costly software. Irrespective of the size of your business, we will deliver the required level of functionality. All the above features have allowed us to be competent in what we do while at the same time help us overcome all the limitations that people have experienced in the year 2012 with other service providers.

Various features of our activity booking system

Our easy membership management feature will make repeat bookings hassle free and attendance history will be recorded with great precision as well. Our activity centre booking system will allow the import of CSV data files for customers and various functions are available to conduct SMS text messaging (eg via World-Text) and email campaigns (eg via Mailchimp). Other website features include voucher sales system, flexible pricing to increase revenues, promotional codes and online credit card processing.

As far as end user features of our online booking system are concerned, you can enjoy various benefits such as booking various activities and courses, purchasing and redeeming vouchers with pre-bookable extras, secure transactions to make payment payments for events, vouchers and activities, weather forecast, subscribing to a mailing list, checking activity status before the departure and many more. We offer highly beneficial features for administrators as well in order streamline the process. In a nutshell, it can be said that our activity booking system offers a bright future for all during the year 2013.

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