Since 2007 the number of smartphone and tablet users has grown significantly worldwide, reaching 51% in the UK alone. It's predicted this increase will have reached 75% by 2015. Here at BookingLive we're up to date with such developments and now offer fully responsive mobile booking systems.

Our mobile booking systems have the potential to make your services more flexible, more adaptive and much quicker. This will provide a better overall experience for you and your customers.

Recent surveys show more and more customers want access to websites on their mobile as part of their need to find information anywhere and within seconds. BookingLive's mobile booking systems allow bookings to be made directly from your customers' mobiles and tablets. This means they can book from anywhere at any time, decreasing the amount of staff time spent on phones. Your number of existing customers will increase as they'll be able to see all updates in a matter of seconds. By offering mobile services such as mobile booking systems we're ensuring your satisfaction whilst also staying ahead of our competitors.

With BookingLive your online booking system automatically detects the device your customer is using. This provides them with instant access to the main features they'll need all in a single, uncluttered and specially designed interface. You don't even need to worry about modifying your online booking system as it comes with automatic upgrades as standard.

Businesses need to be prepared for new kinds of online engagements as their audience's patterns adapt to new technologies; make sure you don't miss out by signing up for BookingLive today.