BookingLive: Online Booking System

Full Feature List

Full list of Booking Software features

BookingLive's flexible online booking software delivers advanced website and CRM booking functionality. The booking software provides cost-effective online solutions for activity centres, tour operators, event ticket companies and businesses in the leisure and experience industry.


Manage Web Content and Bookings

With Booking Live we will immediately setup a CMS (content management system) for your e-commerce booking software. This gives you access to edit and update all the content, images etc. Watch our video on our SilverStripe content management system

This gives:

  • Full control of your website and booking software content
  • A library of interactive widgets
  • Access to all booking and customer details
  • Access to set-up online payments
  • Access to automatically generated reports
  • Databases of all bookings, activities, extras, schedules, categories, purchaser feedback, and much more
  • Search filter Tab to find any specific information quickly
  • Manifest diary to view all schedules by day, week, or month views
  • Different language strings (to change default text).
  • Draft of website changes before finally publishing to the live site
  • Security Section - to allow multiple users at one time + control their permissions.
  • Files & Images portal to hold all your uploaded images/assets.
  • Full Support from our experienced team and a constantly updated User Manual.
  • Role and permission based access control.
  • Define activity specific pickup or drop off locations
  • Automatic Google Analytics tracking
  • Automatic Google E-commerce tracking
  • Fully integrated gift certificate control and management
  • Site Resource management e.g. Boats/Tennis Courts/Ski Slopes, etc.
  • Assign tags to multiple products
  • Specify additional custom tags
  • Allow trusted partners to login and access your point of sale, perfect for activity desks or concierge.
  • Inventory management and live availability
  • Export customer contacts for use with email marketing systems such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Highrise, and Salesforce.
  • Photo and video galleries to display.
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Website Design and Booking Software in One!

BookingLive work with digital agency Mango Studio to create beautiful and bespoke website designs. Their services include:

  • Logo design
  • Sliding Mulit Purpose Units (MPU)
  • Page Backgrounds
  • Graphic/ Photographic applications
  • Customised widgets and buttons
  • Customised WordPress blog design
  • Page and website layout
  • Booking engine runs from within your own domain name giving 100% brand and credibility

Resource Control

Control all you business management operations from Booking Live Software. Features include:

  • Customers can book your accommodation alongside their activity and course booking, which can be customisable to suit a season or special date period; minimum stays, pricing structures, display accommodation extras and more.
  • Displaying your internal Gift Vouchers that auto-creates voucher code(s) for their redemption.
  • Ability to setup resources and inventory such as boats or pitches - perfect for your resource scheduling system requirements
  • Staff assignment to schedules (available activities/courses) with ability for staff to login and view their bookings. Suitable for FT/PT, freelance and seasonal staff.
  • Viewable monthly sales, bookings, customer feedback, voucher redemptions and many more reports to fully assess your business activity. Watch our video on available booking software reports
  • Photo commerce- make photos of your customers viewable (watermarked) on your website to then sell to them after their visit.
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Customer Accounts and Engagement

  • Allow customers to login and view bookings. Watch our video on customer accounts.
  • Setup automated emails to existing customers for feedback after activity has taken place.
  • Social Media widgets to display and access your pages, including: Facebook Like box, Latest from Twitter Feed, YouTube Channel
  • Display of Wordpress blog, and latest news widget
  • Questionnaires and voting polls through blogs and forums
  • Automated Email/SMS notifications to customers for reminders, confirmations, cancellations etc.
  • User Defined Forms (custom enquiry forms) that can be used for Newsletter Signup, Competitions, Contact Us and Customer Support. Watch our video on User Defined Forms.
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Market and Promote Products

  • SEO tools for website content, blogs, and automated meta data
  • Automated emails to send offers or monthly newsletter to existing customers
  • Automated sales, conversions, reporting, and invoicing set up for affiliate marketing
  • Access to setup variable pricing to include discounts, packages, promotional codes. Watch our video on setting up special offers.
  • Independent vouchers and voucher code redemption
  • 3rd party (e.g. Groupon) voucher and voucher redemption.
  • Marketing Reports to find out where people found you/what vouchers sold the most.
  • Sophisticated rules to control promo codes in your booking software such as % and monetary codes.

Online Booking Software with Real Time Availability

  • Once a customer has made an online booking, the manifest and online calendar are instantly updated to include this booking order so time slots are never double booked.
  • Once an activity schedule is full, the online calendar is updated to show this schedule is full. No more bookings will be taken on this slot, preventing overbooking schedules.
  • Bookings can be made by administrators of the site with added admin options such as admin fees that can be added to bookings.
  • All bookings made are available to view on the CMS along with all the details about each booking, except for credit card details which are not stored in the websites databases.
  • Choose from several views to display schedules including a booking calendar, list view and a 7 day calendar. Watch our video on how to setup schedules and manage availability.
  • Bookings once made can be viewed, changed, refunded or cancelled using the powerful booking tools available on booking live.
  • Schedule availability can also be shown using Booking Live's Facebook App.

Sell Vouchers Online and Via External Agents

  • The booking live e-commerce software is capable of selling vouchers that can be redeemed for specific activities.
  • Vouchers can be set to different attributes:
    1. Cash Vouchers where the voucher can be used to pay towards the cost of a product. eg £100 cash voucher.
    2. Activity Vouchers where the voucher can be used to pay for the entire cost of a specific activity. eg A BookingLive Event.
  • Vouchers can have their attributes changed, be taken off or put on the website by the business very easily using the Bookinglive CMS.
  • Voucher/Gift Agency specific commissions
  • Design and upload your own e-voucher
  • Sell both e-vouchers and physical vouchers online as part of bookings or by themselves.
  • Watch our online video on Youtube to find out how to setup gift voucher agents and daily deals.

Automated Online Voucher Redemption

  • Customers can redeem vouchers purchased either on the your e-commerce website or through an external agent via a fully automated redeem voucher function on the website.
  • The redeem voucher function of the website will restrict the customer to choose a activity or time-slot specified by the voucher they are redeeming, if the customer decides to upgrade to another activity or time-slot not covered by the voucher they will be prompted to pay a suitable upgrade fee.
  • Once and activity is selected against the voucher the customer can then carry on shopping and add more products to their basket before finalising the purchase.
  • Create and brand your own gift voucher
  • Watch our Youtube Video on how to redeem vouchers online.

Flexible Product Pricing

  • Each external agency can be on a different pricing structure which the Bookinglive system will use when generating invoices to the separate agencies.
  • Promotional codes can be set up that can be entered on the basket page and either take off a percentage of the total cost or a fixed amount.
  • Admin Promotional codes can set up that are only available to administrator to attach to a booking.
  • Packages can be set so that orders over certain number or price will receive a discount.
  • You could setup credit card charges to your customers.
  • Did you know? Booking Live can process automated invoices for your gift agents. Watch our video on multiple online payments.

Upsell Extras and Products

  • One of the features in the Booking Software is selling extras or products such as books or cancellation insurance. 
  • This can be one of the most profitable aspects of e-commerce. BookingLive has a fantastic functionality to implement this in your booking software.
  • Extras appear at the bottom of the basket page and on the dedicated activity pages to encourage customers to purchase extras along with activities or vouchers.
  • Extras can be associated with a certain activity or voucher so that it will appear on the page of that specific activity or voucher.
  • Admin extras can be set up that only administrators can add to an order, for example administration fees.
  • Need to learn more? Watch our video on setting up activities and extras.
  • You can even cross promote products and activities - Amazon Style. Watch our video now.

Booking Software Reporting

  • Bookinglive has a large range of reporting that comes as standard with the booking live system enabling the business to keep a close eye on the e-commerce side of the website.
  • There is custom reporting that can be tailor made to your requirements.
  • Reports include:
    • Promocodes
    • Redeemed Vouchers
    • Customer Data
    • Company and Financials
    • Revenues
    • Invoices
    • Transactions
    • Gift Voucher Sales
    • Activity or Location Specific Reporting
    • Merchandise Specific Reporting
    • Package Specific Reporting
    • Google Analytics then help track Online Sales Channels, Demographics and much more
  • Watch our video on how to use the booking software reports.
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Manage Bookings Online

Do you have an existing website? With BookingLive Lite you can embed your booking calendar directly onto your website and show customers live availability. 

Customise the design to fit the style and design of your website or alternatively, we provide 'Book Now' buttons and many widgets to link to your own BookingLive's booking software and the data.

  • Store bookings securely and access them 24/7
  • Produce booking reports that can downloaded as CSV and printed.
  • Setup schedules to manage and organise activities and schedule availability.
  • One of the many features include filtering bookings and customer data to produce customer reports
  • Setup customer accounts and memberships for recurring payments, access for users, and to restrict bookings to payment or enquire only.
  • View full information on bookings including transactions, booking items, participants, booking notes and more
  • Manage payment gateways to take online payments.
  • Searchable & exportable booking, transaction and purchaser history - useful for mail shots
  • Configure content for confirmation emails and SMS, payment reminders etc.
  • Learn how to customise the design and CSS in our online video.
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Manage Sales and Enquiries: CRM

Our powerful booking software template engine allows you to:

  • Manage group enquiries and bookings
  • Send custom programmes to group enquiries
  • Convert group enquiries into real bookings
  • Take Online Deposit Payments
  • Offer extras to upsell during the booking process
  • Define the purchaser and participant data you wish to capture including name, address, email, weight, height, DOB, medical conditions and much more
  • Automated professional invoicing and receipts
  • Process payment online with regular automated payment reminders for outstanding balances
  • Export data into your financial accounts including Sage and QuickBooks
  • User Defined Forms (custom enquiry forms) to handle/direct enquiries.
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Bolt on Modules and Addons

If you need more features from your Booking Software - you can bolt on new modules when you want. Booking Live integrate with many third party software companies including:

  • Finance Systems such as Sage50
  • Payment Gateways such as Secure Trading
  • SMS and Post Code Lookups
  • Google maps, Facebook and Twitter
  • CRM systems such as Salesforce
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CMS, CRM & Blog in One!

You will be given a fully controllable Silverstripe CMS integrated with a Wordpress Blog, but we also integrate with:

  • SalesForce CRM
  • Highrise CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SilverStripe CMS
  • WordPress CMS
  • Zoho CRM
  • Drupal CMS
  • Joomla CMS
  • Constant Contact
  • Interspire Emarketing
  • SendGrid Email
  • Mailchimp Emarketing
  • and more..

Online Bookings and Payments

Automatic credit card payment with all major payment gateways including:

  • SagePay
  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • DataCash
  • IridiumCorp
  • CardSave
  • WorldPay
  • Secure Trading
  • HSBC ePayments
  • Payment Express
  • NetBanx
  • Realex
  • Civica

Emarketing and Ecommerce Integration:

BookingLive offers 30+ interactive and engaging widgets like:

  • Book Now Calendar
  • Testimonials
  • Facebook
  • Twitter Feed
  • Youtube Video
  • List FAQ's
  • Photo Gallery
  • Flickr
  • Google Map
  • Yahoo Weather

Voucher Redemptions via Social Selling Networks

  • Group On
  • Living Social
  • TasterLab
  • Go Groopie
  • Extreme Element
  • MoneySupermarket
  • Experience More
  • AmazonLocal
  • KGB
  • Wowcher
  • Buy a Gift
  • IntoTheBlue
  • Virgin Experience Days
  • Red Letter Days
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Social Networks Integration:

Boost sales by advertising discounts and promotions including:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • TripAdvisor
  • iCal Notifications

Popular Booking Software Add-ons:

  • Skyscanner
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • World-text
  • Yahoo Weather
  • PostCoder

Online Credit and Debit Card Payments

  • Customers are able to pay by credit or debit card.
  • Customers can also pay using credits (useful for members)
  • Card details are processed straight away making Booking Live a very secure way of taking online payments.
  • All transactions made on the website are passed directly to the merchant bank account via your payment gateway
  • As BookingLive is a pay monthly scheme there is no charge for transactions made on your booking software.

Customer Database

  • Customer databases can be set up to capture the details of all the customers of a business for later email blasts or other advertising.
  • Customer data management through the booking software admin system but also through the customer accounts
  • Customer look-up using search filters
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Booking Software Updates

BookingLive provide regular updates to the Booking Software including:

  • Security Updates
  • New modules and functionality 
  • Benefits include instant access to new functionality and features
  • These updates and software improvements are free
  • Software upgrades are fully automatic, no downloads or installations required
  • All existing data is kept in the same format when upgrading
  • Complete online documentation via our user manual is always available
  • Keep an eye on thw software releases via our monthly change log.

Booking Software Security

BookingLive take booking software security very serious. 

  • Optionally add SSL certificates to your booking software. Find out more.
  • Uptime monitoring (every minute) by Pingdom. View our uptime report.
  • Dedicated hosting powered by Rackspace
  • Integrated IP blocking security feature
  • Multiple administrator login
  • Determine which administrative sections are accessible via the user permissions module

Support when you need it

  • Telephone technical support for premium customers during regular business operating hours
  • All support based in-house at our UK centre of excellence
  • Complete online documentation available
  • Online manual, training videos, helpful tutorials and support knowledge base.
  • Read our online user manual or view our video tutorials.

Customise the Design of your e-Booking

  • Free and easy to use page templates
  • Full CSS access for fully customised web design
  • Professionally designed white label is ready to go, no coding required.
  • Simplified files and images upload module
  • Ability to embed widgets and availability calenders into your existing web pages
  • Link your “Book Now” buttons from your current website to your Booking Live product pages
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