BookingLive: Online Booking System

MS Dynamics: A CRM for your Booking System

The right ERP solution for your booking system software


Microsoft Dynamics is a line of familiar, adaptable enterprise resourse planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed to work like and with familier Microsoft software - including the only Microsoft Certified Oper Source CMS SilverStripe - the framework used to power BookingLive CMS engine.

Online Booking System Integration

Using Microsoft (MS) Dynamics and BookingLive provides entriprise resourse planning and customer relationship planning software, easing adoption and reducing the risks in implementing a new solution. MS Dynamics will help streamline your customer bookings and website booking system process by:

  • Making effective marketing campaigns
  • Improving finances and customer communications
  • Growing your business without a huge impact on budgets
  • Seamlessly pull off reports direct from your booking software

BookingLive and MS Dynamics can give you an exciting and interactive website that will improve communication with customers.

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