BookingLive: Online Booking System

Business Booking System

Engage customers with a booking management system, website design and integration. 

Ideal system for..

Companies and organisations that require the default booking system package with events booking software, a User Centred Design including, website design, evoucher and more.

For activity centres, event management and accommodation, the Business Booking System will give organisations the management software and complete integration with an existing website and / or a new website design. Complex requirements are streamlined across the system including multi language support, online payments, website CMS and email marketing. Why pay a web agency £3000+ for a website when the same price gives you a booking and management system too?


The answer is..


  • I've been quoted £3000 just for a website. Is this right?
  • Is the booking system included with a new website design?
  • Is our website hosting and email included?
  • Can we sell and redeem internal and third party vouchers?
  • Will the system work with Buy a Gift and Groupon?
  • Is BookingLive available on mobile devices?
  • Have Mango Studio designed websites for other activity centres?
  • Will BookingLive replace our spreadsheets and other databases?
  • Will BookingLive export finance information for Sage?
  • Will BookingLive reduce the time we spend on the phone?
  • Does the CMS include e-marketing?
  • Will BookingLive give us a better system than our competitors?
  • Will Mango Studio support us as we expand in the future?
  • Is Mango Studio ISO9001 Quality Assured certified?
  • Are there testimonials and case studies available?
  • Can we use Mail Chimp for email marketing?

Sound familiar to you?

  • We need a new website design asap
  • We need a new CRM to manage customers and take bookings online
  • We don't have a strategy for communicating with customers using e-marketing and social media
  • We can't find a system to manage bookings, customers and accommodation all in one
  • We need one supplier to manage all our website operations
  • We have a great relationship with our web agency but they couldn't build our booking system
  • We don't have the £10,000 we've been quoted
  • We need to upsell merchandise, memberships and gift vouchers online
  • We need to include social media, customer feedback and reviews

BookingLive can help..

  • Maintain a single system for CMS, CRM and bookings
  • Simple, fast, error-free scheduling and administration
  • Microsoft certified Content Management System
  • Perfect for outdoor activity adventure centres
  • Track progress with measureable results and analytics
  • One low monthly fee. No online booking fees
  • Data is safe and secure and accessible 24/7
  • Reduce overheads and engage with your customers

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