BookingLive: Online Booking System

How We Work

Using our proven 3 step project plan


1. Scope

  • Research & Discovery Analysis Meetings
  • Specification Documents

2. Setup

  • Creative Design & Build
  • Data Setup & System Configuration
  • Custom Technical Development

3. Sprint

  • Testing & Final Development
  • Training & Deployment

Booking Software Project Plan



"Inclusive, transparent, collaborative, agile and innovative"

Five words that sum up the way we work. 



1. Scope Phase.

BookingLive has a set process for delivering your booking system.

Upfront we conduct scoping sessions to establish what you are trying to achieve, who your audience is, who your competitors are, as well as uncovering the opportunities and constraints.

The culmination of this round is the delivery of a specification document which depending on the scope of the project, includes a technical specification, user personas, interactive wireframes, information architecture, process flows and more. All parties agree this document before progressing to the next phase.

Once terms and timescales have been agreed, you will be assigned a project manager who will set up a Basecamp project that allows everyone to collaborate on the project in real-time.


2. Setup Phase.

The setup phase includes design and development. 

Whether it is a website, user interface, logo and of course booking software, our team will create professional, on-brand work that ensures your target audience is engaged and that your booking system and website maximises it's conversion rates.

Your project manager will take the technical specification and work alongsite our technical team to deliver the specification using internal and industry standard ticketing software. 

Your booking system is installed and configured for your business and your project manager will conduct a number of training sessions with you and your team.




3. Sprint Phase.

As soon as the design and development is complete, we embark on a structured process of testing and quality assurance. 

Depending on the type of project this can involve usability, automated, functionality, selenium, platform and browser compatibility testing. We have pre-defined checklists for testing and this attention to detail considerably reduces error. 

After testing, you're ready for our go live procedure followed by our fanatical support.


4. Support - Ongoing.

With every system launch we expect a high level of immediate support and maintenance.

Thereafter, from further training to change requests, BookingLive is the business partner you can rely on. 

We are committed to building long and fruitful relationships with our clients who are key in deciding the future development of the booking software. For further information please visit: community forumsuser manualonline knowledgebase and support helpdesk.